Hello, I'm Galina Reznik.

I'm a Software Developer.

My Experience

    Professional Athlete

    IDF - Israel Defence Forces

    • Professional Athlete status - Acknowledged as a professional athlete by the army, champion of Israel, and the Maccabiah.
    • Managed to serve fully under a supportive combative role in the IDF while attending international contests and a high-intensity workout regimen.
    Feb 2015 - Jan 2017

    B.Sc. Software Engineering

    Shamoon College of Engineering

    • Graduated with honors
    • Received an excellency scholarship.
    • Specialized in the data mining and retrieval track.
    2017 - Jan 2021

    Java Tutor

    Shamoon College of Engineering

    • Tutored students in Java programming, assisting them in comprehending and mastering the subject.
    Jan 2020 - Oct 2020

    Software Developer


    • Developed proficiency as a Backend Developer, specializing in Java and microservices architecture. Responsible for feature implementation, bug fixing, and product support on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    • Recognized for unique product knowledge, I received a promotion to a significant role in a special company project. Collaborated with colleagues from Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, and Canada to successfully convert an old project into a new product integral to company operations.
    • Contributed to a new SaaS product, developing services on Azure with C# and expanding skills with React. Now a key member of the front-end team, enhancing projects and driving goals forward.
    • Recently joined a new Israeli AI team to focus on enhancing product functionality through swift solutions. As a full-stack engineer, I contribute to comprehensive development using React and C#.
    • SKILLS: Java, C#, .NET, Gradle, React, Azure, Restful APIs, Object-Oriented Programming, Testing, GitHub Actions, Backend Development, Microservices Architecture, Windows, Linux.
    Nov 2021 - Present
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